We believe...

  • That the individual, not the system, is responsible for their health & well-being
  • That organizations should care about and be willing to invest in the health and wellbeing of their employees

We are compelled...

  • To be effective partners in helping our clients design and implement strategic, outcomes based health & wellness initiative
  • To help individuals reach their desired health goals by providing support, resources and motivation


What We Do

Core Health Group provides comprehensive, high touch worksite wellness programs. Our reputation is defined by our high quality, detailed service, our best practice methodology and our trends in improved outcomes. Read More

What differentiates Core Health Group?

Simply put, our approach is highly customized and high-touch. We believe strongly in the power of the human connection. Our core team of nurses, wellness coordinators, nutritionists, work injury specialists, coaches, physical fitness and business staff provide a wide range of expertise. The results: Happier, healthier employees, managed costs, and increased productivity.

Most of our customers are employers with 50 to 2000+ employees, who are proactively looking for ways to decrease long-term health costs and improve employee health. They are willing to invest financially and culturally in wellness, but lack sufficient in-house time, resources and/or expertise to execute an effective wellness program on their own. Read More



Wellness works!

Rising health care costs are a significant risk to business growth, profitability and competitiveness. Creating and maintaining a healthier workforce is more important than ever in containing costs. Unhealthy workers cost time and money. It has been demonstrated that…

  • The unhealthiest workers have the highest medical costs
  • The unhealthier the lifestyle the greater the cost drain on the company
  • As unhealthy workers age their health costs increase
  • Smokers have higher medical costs
  • Smokers are more likely than nonsmokers to miss more than a week of work because of health reasons
  • Inactive employees spend more time in the hospital and call in sick more often than those who exercise
  • Workers with severe weight problems are more likely to have medical claims exceeding $5,000 in one year
  • Most unhealthy people have more than one health risk factor, meaning even higher costs to the company
  • If employers could get employees to lead healthier lives the number of risk factors would decrease and so would
    health costs.

For more information about how Core Health Group can make a difference for your organization, call us today at 262-241-9947.

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